DevilMan Lady Review

I have to say, initially I was impressed, Its not really my kind of anime, but it was still good. By the time i got to the second DVD, it was extreamly beh.

The lesbian (yuri) stuff was way overdone. Alot of subtle imagry and stuff, very deep, but DULL.

Devilman lady is about the .. idea of humans being unable to evolve except if they contain the latent ‘beast’ gene. Which turns them into some sort of super human monster.

Okay, i suck at writing reviews, it just is BLEH. The story lines are overdone. Monster comes in, monster gets defeated, story happeneds, repeat. New girl character comes in, gets hots for jun, the female lead, turns into a beast, gets killed, repeat…

It is the first anime i’ve regretted seeing, and especially spending $10 to rent… BAH


Interesting thing society has turned into, piracy, theif, murder, all becomeing so common, people just don’t seem to blink much anymore.

I was at a meeting a few days ago, before it started, people were talking about cracked copies of windows xp, and pirated versions of windows 2000. I’m not saying i’m pure and such, but about 95% of my software is licenced in some form or another, or freeware.. there is i think one peice of software that i have that isn’t owned by me, and thats because i don’t want the newer versions, i love this old version 2 (they are up to version 5 i think now).

Anyways, its really weird, we have people opening talking about, and bragging about the software that they pirated, being like “no worries, i’ll get you a copy tommorow”, thats including teachers in the room (he never said he had any of it, but still).

i donno, just seems odd, i remember when i was in grade 8, and a huge games pirator, and the first with a cd burner, it was all hush hush, now everyones talking about it, and doing it, etc.

And its not just with computer piracy, Movies, TV shows, comic books, all about master thieves, and people really enjoy reading it, heck, pirates are just theves with a cool background.

Its sad really, but i guess that could just be me

mIRC Scripts.. snippets

For those like myself, who use multiple servers and like to keep their nick name synchronized (IE /nick gali|work will set it to all servers)
alias nick { /scid -a /quote nick $1 }

For those who, again, like myself do multiple servers, and like to connect to them at startup, here’s a quick snippet for auto-connecting on startup.
the -i thing specifies the main and alt nicks
the -j specifies auto join channels

for the most part, I use mIRC’s groups and internal auto-join functionality for channels, but this is nice for servers.

on 1:startup:{ /servers }
alias servers {
.server -i galimon halkeye -j #cooans_world
.server -m -i galimon halkeye -j #ranma
.server -m -i galimon halkeye -j #livejournal
.server -m -i galimon halkeye -j #animex

My absolute biggest pet peeve as of lately, is the fact that every link seems to open in IE, doesn’t matter what browser is set to default. This hack allows you to specify any browser you want. except it only works on www and :// links (although easily expanded to ftp. and whatever else.. Irc. ones even)

on ^*:hotlink:*//*.*:*: { }
on *:hotlink:*//*.*:*: { run C:\applications\MozillaFirebird\MozillaFirebird.exe $remove( $1,’) }
on ^*:hotlink:*www.*:*: { }
on *:hotlink:*www.*:*: { run C:\applications\MozillaFirebird\MozillaFirebird.exe $remove( $1,’) }

Chris also claims that this works in mIRC 6.01

edit mIRC.ini while its closed
browser=C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firebird\MozillaFirebird.exe
in the [files] section

These two tidbits are nice when you get lots of dcc receives. The FILERCVD sets the path whenever you receive files. Its not necessary, but its nice for when you sort files based on file types (like default mIRC does i believe, at least with sound vs non-sound).
Then you just press f3 or anything else you change it to, and it opens the directory.

on *:FILERCVD:*.*:{ .set %lastdir $nofile($filename) }
alias f3 { echo 42 Opening Receive Dir 4 | run %lastdir }

And my most complex example. Ever get someone mention your nick or name or whatever, and you can’t find out where it was from? Or at least something like that.
I have my name, and nicks all highlighted through mIRC, and this code records all instance of it. So when i get back from work or school, i can quickly see if i was mentioned (yes, i guess this makes me look vain, but i wrote it long ago when i was doing server admining for channels)
Just setup mIRC to do highlighting any way you want, this handles the rest.

; Notify Window Stuff here
on 1:text:*:#:{ if ($highlight(. $+ $1-) != $null) { .window -g0lwz @highlight ; aline @highlight $chr(91) $+ $chan $+ $chr(93) $timestamp < $+ $nick $+ > $1- } }
on 1:text:*:?:{ if ($highlight(. $+ $1-) != $null) { .window -g0lwz @highlight ; aline @highlight $chr(91) $+ $nick $+ $chr(93) $timestamp < $+ $nick $+ > $1- } }
on 1:action:*:#:{ if ($highlight(. $+ $1-) != $null) { .window -g0lwz @highlight; aline @highlight $chr(91) $+ $chan $+ $chr(93) $timestamp < $+ $nick $+ > $1- } }
on 1:action:*:?:{ if ($highlight(. $+ $1-) != $null) { .window -g0lwz @highlight; aline @highlight $chr(91) $+ $nick $+ $chr(93) $timestamp < $+ $nick $+ > $1- } }

thanks alot to Chris for helping me out and giving me some of the tips today.

Girlfriends, Well Boyfriends too

Yea, its about time that I finally got to this rant, its been bugging me for a Long time now.

I have a great tendency to focus my attention on the female population, not because I’m into hitting on girls, just that the girls seem to have the ability to get me and understand me a lot better than males do. Granted, as of late, there are more and more guys who I hang out with and understand, but still.

Anyways, back to the point at hand, I’ve found, for whatever reason, that a lot of people these days are making their girlfriends or boyfriends their entire life. It almost seems like you are hanging out with the SO instead of them.

Them: “My boyfriend goes to that school too, he takes the … program”
me: “Really? and what do you take?”
Them: “he’s really enjoying it”…

Which pretty much turns me right off there from wanting anything more to to-do with them EVER.

Then we have the increasingly popular “I can’t do that ’cause my boyfriend wont’ let me”… Is it really up to them to let you do things? Sure they can find things uncomfortable, sure they should voice their opinion, but in the end, its your choice, even then “My boyfriend isn’t exactly comfortable with me doing that, how about something else?” is better than saying that they won’t let you.

Now that I’ve got repeatedly distracted, I really forgot the entire point of this rant. BUTTT, I do know its really annoying. People should live their lives first, then have a girlfriend/boyfriend, and most importantly, that its their lives, and not to live through someone else.

Now that I’ve said that, I shamefully admit I have, in the past, tried to live my life through other people, in fact sometimes i really enjoyed it, but controlling what you can and can’t do, say, or think, its beyond .. well stupid.. it makes you a vegetable, and vegetables are dull, boring, and annoying to hang out with.

That is all.