I have now finished version 1.0 of MTLJTag.

I decided to call it MTLJTag instead of MTLJUSER because I’m supporting the <lj comm> too.

So, for version 1.0:

<lj user=halkeye> =
<lj user=”halkeye”> =
<lj comm=halkeye> =
<lj comm=”halkeye”> =

Future (1.1):
lj syn
comment support (only works for entries right now, I need to track that down.)
lj-cut (Maybe, but it can sorta be done.)
Preview Entry Support (Probably not useful)

Download here

Next Up: A serious site design… Trying to layout something now.. I wish I was way more artisticly creative.

2 thoughts on “MTLJTag”

  1. Heh… I just used an MT Macro to do nick substition. I did this since I migrated 2 years of entries over and didn’t feel up to replacing all the LJ user= tags. I also added LJ username replacement for people I tend to write about now… Works out okay.

  2. Way to ruin my fun :D

    But in all honesty, I didn’t even .. well remember about macros until early this morning.

    But this works, and I intend to impove it…

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