MTLJPost 1.6 (now 1.7.1)

Yea Yea, if this works, then MTLJPost 1.6 Is ready to go.
1.7 will follow quite quickly.. but I want to make a clean realease of this before i move on.

Download Version 1.6.

This comes with MANY improvements, as the other one died most of the time.

Simple Install Instructions
> .pl goes to mt/plugins/
> .pm goes to mt/extlib/MT/Plugins/
> .tmpl goes to mt/tmpl/mtljpost/
> .cgi goes to mt/ (or whever you have your other cgi files)

Its kinda exciting.

The javascript on the login information page is NIIIICE.

Update: added Instructions and submitted to

Update: Download Version 1.6.5.

Update: Download Version 1.7.1.