May is a fun month

today is no pants day!
tommorow is outdoor intercourse day (aka. outdoor sex day)!

May sure seems like a perverted month no?

but those sure beat plain old mothers day.


…what happened to brittany spears producing music?

I mean, I don’t think even one of her songs since ‘I’m a slave for you’ has actually sounded remotely like music.

Got Kingdom Hearts

15:47 < halkeye> hahah
15:48 < halkeye> it only took me like 10 tries, but i finally beat riku in the race

I so miss this game, I can’t belive I restarted it so many times just to beat riku. I mean, I know that cutscene by heart now.

Sora: If I win..ummmmmm. I’m captain…. And if you win
Riku: I get to share a paupo with Kairi. Agreed?
Sora: Wha? um…

Actually not quite by heart, but i think thats it.
And I finally beat him!!! score now of 2-1, from the previous battles!!!


While I was walking around at lunch yesterday I saw someone with a blogger t-shirt.

I so wish at that moment I was walking WITH someone so I could point it out…

Ah well.

It was interesting never the less.

I wonder if thats the feeling people get when they see me in my Livejournal t-shirt?