Life Updates

I still am working on my MT Plugins, but i’m in the middle of preparing for a move and switching jobs (yay for getting back to computer jobs). MTLJPost 1.9.2 is almost ready, i’m just trying to figure out the best way of doing the resyncing all entries thing.

Also alot of work has been done on Hi Sci Fi‘s website, including upgrading to MT 3.2 which i think i wanna do on here once i finish 1.9.2 of MTLJPost.

Keep an eye out for me on CJSF as i’m going to be on smile like a donut a lot more after the new job starts next week.

I'm in so much love with google video

I’ve been searching around alot with google video. Its amazing all the videos out there.

For Example:

the old LARPers now with special effects
Young lightsaber duelests who did this well coreographed video (although the wordage sucks)

Eveything from trailers, to home videos, to even full blown tv shows seem to be on here. Even looking up Mike’s Slurrey shows up alot of stuff, including a few of my party videos.

Hookers R Us

Such a lovely neighbourhood I live in.
How long has it been since i started to notice this stuff?

Tonight there was at least 1, probably 2 hookers out near the gas station, plus on the way home, in a dark corner near my building, two, probably hookers, were doing some sort of drug, i’d suspect coke or something as i didn’t notice the usual potsmell from that location. They had alot of perfume, were obviously sorta out of it, specially by the tone of voice one used to ask me for the time, and the “thanks love” and such, all tends to make me think hookers again.

On the way in, one living here, probably not a hooker, but had skimpy but not sexy underwear sticking out the back of her low cut pants. shirt open showing as much cleavage as possible, and not to sound more stuck up, pretty dumb.. Couldn’t figure out she had the wrong key for the front door (was using an apt key for the building door).

I donno, just seems like an overly dirty neighbourhood tonight, maybe i was just more alert, or too tired to block things from the subconcious.

#bearcave fun

I had alot of fun, but apparently i was tricked into this channel on efnet called #bearcave. I randomly chatted for a bit, and then got booted out by paranoid bots. Got a message from someone a few minutes later.

<Hadal> Sorry about that. I would have liked you to stay.
<halkeye> heh
<halkeye> no worries man
<Hadal> Honestly. You seem fairly keen.
<halkeye> heh, just bored
<halkeye> this weird fella said i should go there
<halkeye> so i did
<Hadal> Not a prank, I hope?
<halkeye> him, or me
<halkeye> CrazyPale is pretty weird
<Hadal> Did you know what the channel’s purpose was before entering?
<halkeye> not a clue
<Hadal> Hmm.
<Hadal> So you’re not gay, then? :)
<halkeye> me, no, sorry man
<halkeye> but thats what i figured the channel was
* Hadal nods
<halkeye> i’m not sure why the paranoid security is though
<Hadal> A prank after all. I’m doubly sorry for the trouble.
<Hadal> Oh, apparently it’s a common joke to tell people to go to this channel, without an explanation.
<halkeye> heh
<halkeye> oh really? thats seem silly
<halkeye> why goto places with good conversations?
<halkeye> i mean a little quiet
<halkeye> but decent enough
<Hadal> You’re supposed to freak out when you realise you’re in a channel full of homos.
<halkeye> oh no, was i? i’ll get right on that
<Hadal> That’s the way it usually works, anyway.
<halkeye> right after the witch burning
<halkeye> and stoning
<Hadal> If you hurry, you won’t be late for the crucifixtion.
<halkeye> sweet
<halkeye> but don’t want to forget the witches
<halkeye> they might feel left out
<Hadal> Yes; and their supple, pale flesh burns ever so nicely.
<halkeye> and the old latex hats
<halkeye> the smell, god the hell
<Hadal> The resultant bonemeal is excellent for vigorous roses, however.

Spam Protection

I can’t belive I had to install spam protection, so many spammers talking about hurricane katrina, or google.

Just as a side note, MTLJPost is ready for the next release, I just havn’t gotten around to packing it up, with this job, thinking about school, applying for other jobs, and my other projects, I have been quite busy. I hope to get it out there for this long weekend though.