New MTLJPost Version

New Version of MTLJPost 1.9.2

Apparently there is confusion all over, so here’s an email from the mailing list:

Okay, i thought i got all references to the extra files in the docs, but
i didn’t, and its a little late for me to try and rewrite the docs tonight.

Installation is just:

Everything else is linked from the main interface using the new 3.x
plugin interface.

If you goto a specific blog, you can set that one up.

I removed all the extra files to make installation simpler, little did i
know everything was opposite ;)

PS, my archiving script broke, so there was a bad version of the files
up there up until about 5 minutes ago, so i suggest everyone redownload.


  • Laney


    I just tried to download your script and it’s only one file. I just wanted to make sure that’s the way it’s suppose to since you said something about files?


  • Laney

    Hi! I had LJ::Simple installed on my server but I get this message when I’m in the MT Plugins menu. I put the file in plugins/MTLJPost but I had to change the file to .pl file because it didn’t unzip as one.

    syntax error at /home/damaged/public_html/plugins/MTLJPost/ line 1, near “pl”
    BEGIN not safe after errors–compilation aborted at /home/damaged/public_html/plugins/MTLJPost/ line 86.
    Compilation failed in require at lib/ line 551.

    So what am I doing wrong? Are there any other files that I need to install.


  • Hey there. I know you’re not actively supporting MTLJPost anymore, but I was wondering if I could get the documentation anywhere? Documentation links to give me a “forbidden” and there’s just the one plugin file in the download. Thanks, I appreciate it.