Wow.. ecto is impressive

I was about to complain about it being a trial version… but man, it looks cool..

I’ve abandoned this site for so long its not even funny. I have been poking at it, but lots of behind the scenes things. I don’t think I even have enough battery to really put a good update it..

Things I’ve been working on:

  • – Kode Koan (Mini company thingie)
  • – mythtv – Getting quite close too.. almost ready to re subscribe to cable.. and get some hard drives to store dvds on (so i don’t have to swap so much :D lazyness++). Just need to play with the hauppage IR blaster some more.
  • Oblivion++
  • Indexing all my dvds, books and such so i can keep track of things when i loan them out
  • Starting a new job at AIRG

Yea, with ecto I’m going to try to remember to update more. Maybe even get the lj syncing working again.

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Okay back sorta.

Been sorta, AWOL since the last batch of job hunting. Its kinda hard to get really into job hunting when you hear nothing back, and I was having fun learning C# and doing some contract work for (which i still have to get him). But thats over with now, and the fun projects have been put back on hold to create a new resume and start applying again.

I’ve been very impressed with most of googles new tools, just like everyone else, but I can’t belive how nice the gmail notifier is. Its so much better than having the one in firefox that I’ve been using.

Also have up and running now. The pages will slowly start to show up as I finish any minor details on the main page.

KodeFoto was a fun project to work on. I will be working on it some more as soon as possible, but its now possible to upload images to my gallery again from windows (the linux perl client always worked).

And a final always fun reminder that Hi-Sci-Fi and Smile Like A Donut (webpages coming soon) are available for torrent downloading from


Yea. Its been a long time since I’ve actually updated this site. I just havn’t been exactly in the writing mood. But I’m back, with some cool information.

Since my screenshots arn’t exactly ready yet, I’m going to start with Synergy. I’m not entirely sure if its still in active development, but as it stands, its still a very good program.

I used to use it alot when I had my laptop and desktop side by side. I’d only really want to use my full size keyboard and mouse, but taking advantage of all the school based application and data I had on my laptop.

This nifty little utility would let me do just that. I slide my mouse over to the other screen (completly customizable, except that the program should be updated to have shortcuts to move between screens), and almost 100% pretend I was actually sitting at that desk. And unlike vnc, it doesn’t require a high end network, and vnc would be more for if you didn’t have a monitor attached.

I am actually very happy about this program, as I said, it could be better if it had a shortcut key to manually switch windows, but even without that, its an awsome utility. Especially because of the fact it shares a clipboard, and works with any of the operating systems (my desktop is more designed for gaming, so is windows, while my laptop sometimes was linux, and they were compatible).

New Mirc. Fixes Bugs

mIRC 6.12 has been released!

mIRC v6.12 has been released to address a remote vulnerability found yesterday, capable of crashing your mIRC. The vulnerability affects versions of mIRC from v6.0 onwards, so it is highly recommended that you upgrade to mIRC v6.12. You can do so by downloading the new mIRC from the download page!

It is recommended you update even if you are using pre v6, as there are still many exploits for the v5 series.. infact I remember making some scripts that helped exploit them and crash your client..

I Know alot of people are whining about thier scripts not being updated to the new versions, but, to them I say, BAH. Scripts are nice, but they tend to be very stupid, and annoy alot of people. So I say, either get a better script, or don’t use them at all.

Trillian Pro, Miranda ICQ, Gaim

Got my grubby little hands on a copy of Trillian Pro tonight (Do NOT ask how.. I’m just trying it.. Tis all)

Its actually quite awoken.. way improved since the first version of Trillian I used a LONG time ago. The interface is kinda boring, as I didn’t plan on keeping it.. Actually I don’t plan really, its illegal, I just wanted to try the RSS plugin, which was the point of this post..

Pro is a lot nicer than the Trillian (non pro) 1.0 I tried a long time ago, it doesn’t seem to eat the same amount of memory, it has a bit more connection related options, and the best part, is the new plugin API feature.

The only real issue I have with it is that it does weird things with sound on this computer. I’ve been having major issues with sound anyways, well at least until I found out I should disable ACPI, but Trillian has been the only program that has still had problems.. rest have some issues with my wintv card running at the same time, but whatever, the program had some cool things, it supports a lot more of the protocols than miranda icq does, which I prefer, but doesn’t support very much.

Gaim for windows is now currently what i’m using, doesn’t have the same number of plugins, but its all open source, and pretty easy to write a RSS plugin for that, at least I could do it for windows, pretty sure I could easily enough write a RSS plugin for it, I just don’t want to try to get it to work for windows, but I think I could do it…

(okay, does that make any sense?)

Anyways, Gaim is cool, is nice and big, nice, tabbed, etc, nice, but i havn’t really used it enough to really give it a solid rating.

Trillian (Pro): (2/5)
– Nice, but has issues, a bit of a memory bloat
Miranda: (3/5)
– Awsome, but doesn’t support everything that well.. No file support for aim, MSN chats can be joined, but not started
Gaim: (4/5)
– A little weird on windows, but quite impressive, supports file transfers now, msn chats, all that stuff, its cool.