Telltale’s Back to the Future

The Back to the Future Game game created by Telltale came out in December 2010. As of yesterday (Feb 7th 2016) I finally got around to finishing the game. That’s over 5 years for those who are doing math.

I’m not entirely sure why I picked it up again. I know I’ve been itching to get through the slew of games I’ve kickstarted over the last few years.

Back to the future was actually a kinda slow game to me. I got frustrated a couple of times by the canned responses when items I figured you could show people just say “I don’t know what to do with that” type response. Some of the cutscenes felt slow and long too.

But overall, I really enjoyed it, especially the last couple chapters and the ending itself. If they ever release another adventure, especially with the newer engines, I’d probably pick it up. It was great fun. I loved the fact that Christopher Lloyd actually did all the voice acting for Doc. Micheal J Fox actually showed up a bit for the final chapter. The recurring characters were actually well thought out and enjoyable (or hated in an enjoyable way).

For various reasons over the years, I haven’t been gaming all that much. I know some of it had to do with my monitor (which was also really old). Some had to do with the two bouts of Bells Paulsy, which caused minor eye damage. I suspect desk layout contributed as well. It might help that I’m back to doing a pure development job again.

Suffice to say, This year I’ve already finished two games, that’s more than the last few years.

I can’t see what ends up being next on the list.


Sometime during the last big steam sale (I think it was the summer sale) my roommate and I both picked up Terraria off of steam. I don’t think either of us played it for months. It was always on the to play list, but I was busy with other games, he was busy with Minecraft. So we just put it off.

Man was that a mistake.

I played it a bit one night waiting for a group to show up for another game. The group ended up canceling so I kept playing. Next thing I had known 3 hours had gone by,  It wasn’t hard to get my roommate interested. It was a simple game with low requirements.

I quickly found and setup a multiplayer server for the two of us.

Fast forward a couple weeks. I get back from family trip/PAX to find my roommate has built a couple really sweet houses.

Got my friend Nigel playing on my server the last few nights. Last night My roommate and I went down to the lava areas to mine for Obsidian, after about an hour, we came back up, to find Nigel had been busy on his own house. I can’t wait to see what we do next. I think the group exploring is the most fun.

I have to say I know I’ve gotten my $10 worth (it was on sale, so actually less) probably a hundred times over so far.

I’ve always been annoyed there is no steam cloud support. You can’t switch between computers to play the same character/world.

Today I remembered that dropbox is a cheap and easy cloud save game support