Life Updates

I still am working on my MT Plugins, but i’m in the middle of preparing for a move and switching jobs (yay for getting back to computer jobs). MTLJPost 1.9.2 is almost ready, i’m just trying to figure out the best way of doing the resyncing all entries thing.

Also alot of work has been done on Hi Sci Fi‘s website, including upgrading to MT 3.2 which i think i wanna do on here once i finish 1.9.2 of MTLJPost.

Keep an eye out for me on CJSF as i’m going to be on smile like a donut a lot more after the new job starts next week.

Hookers R Us

Such a lovely neighbourhood I live in.
How long has it been since i started to notice this stuff?

Tonight there was at least 1, probably 2 hookers out near the gas station, plus on the way home, in a dark corner near my building, two, probably hookers, were doing some sort of drug, i’d suspect coke or something as i didn’t notice the usual potsmell from that location. They had alot of perfume, were obviously sorta out of it, specially by the tone of voice one used to ask me for the time, and the “thanks love” and such, all tends to make me think hookers again.

On the way in, one living here, probably not a hooker, but had skimpy but not sexy underwear sticking out the back of her low cut pants. shirt open showing as much cleavage as possible, and not to sound more stuck up, pretty dumb.. Couldn’t figure out she had the wrong key for the front door (was using an apt key for the building door).

I donno, just seems like an overly dirty neighbourhood tonight, maybe i was just more alert, or too tired to block things from the subconcious.

#bearcave fun

I had alot of fun, but apparently i was tricked into this channel on efnet called #bearcave. I randomly chatted for a bit, and then got booted out by paranoid bots. Got a message from someone a few minutes later.

<Hadal> Sorry about that. I would have liked you to stay.
<halkeye> heh
<halkeye> no worries man
<Hadal> Honestly. You seem fairly keen.
<halkeye> heh, just bored
<halkeye> this weird fella said i should go there
<halkeye> so i did
<Hadal> Not a prank, I hope?
<halkeye> him, or me
<halkeye> CrazyPale is pretty weird
<Hadal> Did you know what the channel’s purpose was before entering?
<halkeye> not a clue
<Hadal> Hmm.
<Hadal> So you’re not gay, then? :)
<halkeye> me, no, sorry man
<halkeye> but thats what i figured the channel was
* Hadal nods
<halkeye> i’m not sure why the paranoid security is though
<Hadal> A prank after all. I’m doubly sorry for the trouble.
<Hadal> Oh, apparently it’s a common joke to tell people to go to this channel, without an explanation.
<halkeye> heh
<halkeye> oh really? thats seem silly
<halkeye> why goto places with good conversations?
<halkeye> i mean a little quiet
<halkeye> but decent enough
<Hadal> You’re supposed to freak out when you realise you’re in a channel full of homos.
<halkeye> oh no, was i? i’ll get right on that
<Hadal> That’s the way it usually works, anyway.
<halkeye> right after the witch burning
<halkeye> and stoning
<Hadal> If you hurry, you won’t be late for the crucifixtion.
<halkeye> sweet
<halkeye> but don’t want to forget the witches
<halkeye> they might feel left out
<Hadal> Yes; and their supple, pale flesh burns ever so nicely.
<halkeye> and the old latex hats
<halkeye> the smell, god the hell
<Hadal> The resultant bonemeal is excellent for vigorous roses, however.

I'm not sadisitic, just robbed

Man, yet another screech without a crash.

Someone once said, when you hear a screech, you wait for that CRASH, when you don’t hear it, you feel robbed.

Kingsway gets, on average, 3-4 a night of these.

experience with #okcupid on efnet

Okay, noticed that there was an #okcupid IRC channel on efnet from one of the pages has on thier site.

I went in today looking for something else todo between the job hunting and project working that I’ve been doing lately. I was shocked to see they were nothing like the #livejournal ( people, who talked about various different things.

From what I saw, the only thing in #okcupid was people posting links to various tests/quizes, and doing irc comment style compares of eachother (!compre [nick1] [nick2]). I made a comment to that effect, when they pretty much agreed with me (sarcasticly?), I responded with an “Awesome” and was going to wait things out to see if anything else was going to happen.

Next came up the moderation (+m) mode which means nobody but the higher ups can actually speak, and they sorta were taunty about it.. so as usual when I get around stupid people who like the whole +m power, I started to change my nick (the only thing you can do in an +m other than leave), and got kicked right afterwards. Came back, was like “oru”, and got banned.

Now that pissed me off, mostly due to the general annoyed state I’ve been in lately, so I went about trying to see what the hell was going on. Went and logged into and tried to irc from there in. Got banned immediatly when I went “ban happy eh?”.

18:44 <galimon> i said 2 lines, i don’t rhink either were offensive
18:45 <noxic> no one’s offended
18:45 <noxic> don’t give yourself that much credit
18:45 <galimon> i wasn’t taking credit, just curious as to the ban happyness
18:46 <noxic> you are unfunny and you changed your nick during +m
18:46 <noxic> and because i do not know who you are, i don’t feel like putting up with it
18:46 <noxic> eof

Pretty much next started to think of any shells I had access to. darkwarriors and are no irc so they were out.
I don’t want to get jordan’s connection banned if he had any interest in poping in there. So just gave up on those avenues.

Did learn tonight that its much harder to use proxies than it used to be, I was hoping to cause a problem (bad me) and get more ip ranged banned, that would have just been cool. But found out that TOR was banned already from efnet and none of the other proxy lists i could get my hands on worked for irc anyways. So sorta just gave up.

Love of the tidy!

I’ve fallen in love with tidy-proxy. Its a simple little program that sits in front of you and the internet, and checks every incoming site for valid html and such..

It so cool. I found out that j0rd’s website is non standard… This coming from the guy who constantly complains about how other sites are not actually up to spec.

Yea, its really only cool for anal web developpers and such. But I figured it was time for an update anyways, and this felt like a good enough one.

Stupid people shouldn't be allowed to go online

[23:26] GreenMarshinz> is c source code the same code structure in linux? header files and include etc.
[23:27] halkeye> GreenMarshinz, nope, C doesn’t exist in linux, its a windows only thing
[23:27] GreenMarshinz> what about c++?
[23:27] halkeye> GreenMarshinz: linux only has assembly, and even then, you have to code with 1s and 0s
[23:28] Christian> halkeye ;|
[23:28] GreenMarshinz> huh? why is the gcc make and c++ compliers for linux?
[23:28] GreenMarshinz> there sorry.
[23:29] halkeye> GreenMarshinz: people like to pretend that there is, btu really, they don’t do anything
[23:30] GreenMarshinz> so i have to write a program in 1’s and 0’s?
[23:30] halkeye> oh yea, and if you do it in the wrong order, your computer will self destruct
[23:31] GreenMarshinz> fuck it, i will write my programs in windows.
[23:31] halkeye> …
[23:31] GreenMarshinz> cheers though.
[23:31] GreenMarshinz> later.
[23:31] halkeye> …
[23:32] Christian> GreenMarshinz “man vi”
[23:32] * halkeye really needs to come with a disclaimer
[23:32] Christian> yesssss
[23:33] halkeye> warning, listening to the halkeye can be hazardish to ones mental health
[23:33] GreenMarshinz has left #linuxhelp (Client Exiting)

I really need to come with a discaimer
“Warning, sarcasm present” or something

May is a fun month

today is no pants day!
tommorow is outdoor intercourse day (aka. outdoor sex day)!

May sure seems like a perverted month no?

but those sure beat plain old mothers day.


While I was walking around at lunch yesterday I saw someone with a blogger t-shirt.

I so wish at that moment I was walking WITH someone so I could point it out…

Ah well.

It was interesting never the less.

I wonder if thats the feeling people get when they see me in my Livejournal t-shirt?


What ever happened to giving people phone numbers?
I was walking back from pacific center, and I saw some girl giving a guy her phone number… but curisoity struck, I wanted to see if that was what it was… No, she was giving him her email/msn address?

How am I ever going to convince the world to use other things if they all keep failing to not use msn like that?