Updating WordPress Plugins Helper

Note, I’ve recently found WP Cli which makes all of this moot because i can now just do “wp plugin upgrade –all” or “wp plugin install blah”

Original post:

I decided a while ago to put pull all the plugin source codes for this wordpress install directly from subversion. This makes it easier when files need manual patching or more likely, a file gets deleted.

So I created this little helper script that I can use to do a mass update when I get too out of date.


xbox live cards

xbox live cards

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Someone explain these to me. I mean I understand not wanting to give your credit card to xbox. I sure didn’t. There are so many stories of bad things with people being unable to un-associate cc#s and accounts, people racking up bills, etc. Plus if your account gets hacked, they get access to your CC.

So I went out and bought the pre-paid cards. They are much easier to use, and I think safer. Except they are totally one time use, and after that.. they are done, you just toss them out. And they come in huge plastic cases too. I think this has to be like the biggest waste of packing i’ve had all year.


Least now I can download games from live.

Hi SciFi Sources

So I’ve been working on and off now for a bit trying to upgrade HiSciFi.com. Work to be able to re-enable comments and the like. Also been setting up stats tracking for my own interest (mostly to see where traffic is coming from and how much that site is using).

do androids drea of electric sheep?

I’m going to have to say thats the best search query yet… I mean mike has some really.. disturbing one, but I think this is a pretty random one.

CJSF changed thier schema again.

So I figured out why my “leeching” script doesn’t work anymore. They disabled authentication. So I spent a couple hours today cleaning it up and making it more flexible. It also should work for any date as long as its in the system, no longer assuming files are in certain paths.. It actually uses the search functionality built into their archive system to grab it.

I’m hoping this means it’ll run automaticly again. I can’t say I’ve been that motivated to look into it really anyways, so if it doesn’t, it’ll probably be another few months till I look at it again.

Side note though, really nice to see Dr Who at it again!


If the word ‘rofl’ appears in a bash.org quote, be concerned.
If it appears more than once, you can almost guarentee its a bad quote.

So many quotes had to be marked down this batch. They just released 42 quotes between about midnight (PST) last night and about 10am this morning.

Looks like some new mod is just approving everything. Some are good though.

Upgrade Galore

Yay! Spent the day on the server.

* Upgraded Apache (I think, I didn’t check version #s)
* Dropped lighttpd frontend (don’t need 2 httpds running at one time)
* Upgraded loudblog for hiscifi.com (Even if I never do get a response as to if they are ditching loudblog/whatever)
* Upgraded php
* Installed eaccelerator

I’m fairly certain I tracked down the perforamce issue too.. Streaming music to a flash player. I don’t know for certain, but when I attempted to do it, like 15 apache threads opened up, and load spiked.. and that was just me.

Now to go back to playing dungeon keeper 2.. man old games.. how I miss thee :P

Awesome new firefox 2.0 plugin

Oh my.. del.icio.us Bookmarks has to be one of the coolest new firefox (2.0) plugins.. Just like flock did.

First it goes through, imports all your bookmarks to del.icio.us with some of the common tags for things you have. Everything you import is not shared by default, so you don’t have to worry about private links.

Now I can go back to using the comics tag I was using before.

I love this plugin so much.

New Site up and running

Man the first time i tried drupal, i was pretty much in love.. I was looking for software for Hi Sci Fi‘s podcast, since loudblog has really not paid off well, infact i think it made them have alot less visiters.

Anyways, after playing with it, I loved it so much more than joomla, which I ended up using for SFU’s ARC Club.

So I ended up looking into how to convert MT to drupal… Lacking in that department.. people tend to convert once, and not update again.. so the last conversion script was from like 2.x and drupal 4.5. So I ended up having to re-write the conversation script (which is now on thier site).

Anyways, weeks later, i’ve now converted kodekoan.com and halkeye.net to use drupal. I’m hoping this means i’m going to revive the site again.

I still have to fix up the image posting routines… so I can start putting images in stories.

Post Secret Love

I love postsecret

Entries like the following touch me so :) Keeps making me wish I had something to send them..

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2006 10:42 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: A wonderful Birthday Gift

Dear Frank,

For my birthday, my long-time friends presented me with the Postsecret book. My friend had written a message in the front of the book telling me her secret was on page 278. I flipped through the book thinking it was a secret she related to and was surprised to find that page 278 was created by her. She had pasted in photos of us and written the words ” this is the making of a lasting friendship” I was moved to tears. This was the most heartfelt, wonderful birthday gift I have ever received.