It seems I'm All up

It seems I’m All up to date software wise, I guess that wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

Okay, I take that back, it was a bit harder than I thought.. turns out I never actually updated MT. Now I’m up to date.

Drew Carry Show & KY

Watched some of the new episodes about half a week ago. What the hell happened? He’s in some dot com company job. Mimi looks worse than ever, and about 60 years old.. and Kate is gone..

She was the best character.

Someone needs to explain it to me.. But with my luck, I’m the only one who watches it.   

Lets not even start to talk about these new stream of commercials (rant I wanted to talk about last post). We have sex aid ads, church, and satellite thefts.

The Church Commercials are getting really weird, forceful almost, talking about death, and stuff like that, its getting really intrusive.

Then we have the satellite thieved commercials.. About the kid who stole a candy bar from the video store, his dads asks him where he learned how todo it, ’cause he didn’t learn it from him.. The kid response with “But dad, you steal satellite signals”..
Well, not only has it played so many times, its getting really really really really stupid.. more so than it started as, but it has really sad dialog, almost as bad as some of the rogers/shaw commercials.. Its just… Ugh… I really can’t explain it anymore. I can’t see ANY kid ever stealing because their parent (or other) is stealing satellite signals..

And lastly we have the ever ackward KY jelly commercials… er I mean Personal Lubricant… I mean, if I didn’t know what KY was, it might not be so bad.. but why do they constantly have to air it during prime time? If I were to watch TV with my family, then it would be extremely ackward to come on TV.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Software and Site Updates

It seems there is a new version of Moveable Type out. And I know there was a new version of gallery out, so i really have to start updating my software over the next few days.

I had a rant, but i’ve gotten so tired I really forgot what it was.

Been doing alot of changes to my site, sidebar has moved, colors have changed. Started to work on a about me. Its quite lame now, and I don’t think anyone would ever look at it.

I need some feedback though, going to bug people after work tommorow. I really would hope someday I can make something as good looking as Mike’s Slurrey Dot com. It really doesn’t have any of the fad things like opening in tiny javascript windows, 90% graphics, all these newfangled things.. Just really looks nice.

I also learned that none of my icons work in IE.. I knew transparent PNGS do not work in IE, but i didn’t expect them to be that bad, i thought they would be more like the computer icon, which does seem to sorta work in IE.

Harry Potter Nuttness

This has to be one of the saddest days in long time for news

The top story of the day.. no.. not war… no.. not sars…
Nope.. Its that harry potter and the order of the phoenix is due out in under 2 hours…

I still donno why this is so funny, I mean, I liked reading the books, they were well written, I think I liked the Ender’s games series a lot more… Well i’ve only read the first book, but still.

This whole phenomena is just… NUTS…

Weeeird, I can’t wait till it fades away like after the last book, all though I think it’ll take alot longer…

Damn this condition

Damn this condition can be annoying.

I’m sitting here, watching this weird Eddie show which is now on FOX. Just as the commerical comes on, I notice the stack of cds I have to prepare to mail out. As a result, I get up and go start to get the stuff needed. I get downstairs so I can ask Mom what exactly i’d need to send this many cds off successfuly, I immediatly forget the fact that I’m currently in the middle of watching this show (which I have to admit, its an … weird show), infact, the only reason I remembered at all, would be the fact that I turn around and notice that Mom is watching um… Well some other cop show, one of the first major prime time drama ones..

I know it really doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but it happends time and time again, sometimes even worse, I know if I say I’ve forgotten that I’ve been in class, it sounds like more like I have altsimer instead of ADD, but its true, i’ve forgotten that i’m doing things, while i’m in the middle of doing things.. Its weird.

On the other hand, I remember the first conversations i’ve had with just about everyone (online) since I’ve gotten off my medication.

I know if anyone really reads anything I write, you might notice how incoherient, and like how topics tend to switch even in the middle of paragraphs. My livejournal is way more like that, as it just is my total rambling of whatever I feel like, while I’m trying to have more public works on my website, so i’ve tried to make sure I prevent myself from drifting so easily.

Yea, so Damn this condition, I just have to work harder at staying focused.

Rockport P.D

Rockpoint P.D has to be one of the BEST canadian comedies, and one of the better cop shows on tv. I know people keep making fun of the mounties, like Due South.

After seeing the ad on the tv again, i remembered how much i loved it, so i started to search the net for it (sadly, just so i could have some things to link).. Found out its actually filmed at or near langley, B.C., which makes it even cooler..

Everyone should check it out, its on comedy network.. at um….. 10:30 pm on Wensday NightsThursday Nights on 57 (Comedy Network). (sorry, I mis-read the channel listing guide thingie)

I have to rememeber to capitalize ‘I’ more, since i’m not using w.blogger in linux, which i can easily run through spellchecker and fix that stupid capitlization.

Site Update

Finished my computers page about 30 minutes ago, been tweaking things, trimming the sidebar a bit.

I’m pretty happy about the way the site has been turning out so far, except for the guestbook (i havn’t gotten to it yet) everything is totally table free.

I’m so contemplating removing the cam links, i never have it up publicly anymore anyways, not that i ever have people wanting to watch me sit here doing nearly nothing :) now if i had breasts :P

Trillian Pro, Miranda ICQ, Gaim

Got my grubby little hands on a copy of Trillian Pro tonight (Do NOT ask how.. I’m just trying it.. Tis all)

Its actually quite awoken.. way improved since the first version of Trillian I used a LONG time ago. The interface is kinda boring, as I didn’t plan on keeping it.. Actually I don’t plan really, its illegal, I just wanted to try the RSS plugin, which was the point of this post..

Pro is a lot nicer than the Trillian (non pro) 1.0 I tried a long time ago, it doesn’t seem to eat the same amount of memory, it has a bit more connection related options, and the best part, is the new plugin API feature.

The only real issue I have with it is that it does weird things with sound on this computer. I’ve been having major issues with sound anyways, well at least until I found out I should disable ACPI, but Trillian has been the only program that has still had problems.. rest have some issues with my wintv card running at the same time, but whatever, the program had some cool things, it supports a lot more of the protocols than miranda icq does, which I prefer, but doesn’t support very much.

Gaim for windows is now currently what i’m using, doesn’t have the same number of plugins, but its all open source, and pretty easy to write a RSS plugin for that, at least I could do it for windows, pretty sure I could easily enough write a RSS plugin for it, I just don’t want to try to get it to work for windows, but I think I could do it…

(okay, does that make any sense?)

Anyways, Gaim is cool, is nice and big, nice, tabbed, etc, nice, but i havn’t really used it enough to really give it a solid rating.

Trillian (Pro): (2/5)
– Nice, but has issues, a bit of a memory bloat
Miranda: (3/5)
– Awsome, but doesn’t support everything that well.. No file support for aim, MSN chats can be joined, but not started
Gaim: (4/5)
– A little weird on windows, but quite impressive, supports file transfers now, msn chats, all that stuff, its cool.

My ever so lame music rant

I’ve noticed lately how a lot of music is mainly popular, or more noticably not popular due to how an artist acts or looks or whatever.

Micheal Jackson has some awsome music, but after his skin bleaching event, and then the child pedophile times, most people decided his music sucked. Its quite sad really, he has an awsome voice, and some cool songs, i still have some cds somewhere (mom’s hidden them, or dad’s taken them).

Lately i’ve been hearing that my all time favorite group is quite rude to people, and stuff like that. I’m not really sure why its a big deal, I love Smashmouth, specially thier astrolounge, i’ve caught myself singing it on the bus many of times. I really could care less how they treat people, i mean i hope they are good people, but in the end, does it really matter?

I’ve now seen how Avril Lavigne is hated because she’s fake, she doesn’t sing her own songs, she’s not really a skater, etc… not that it really matters, i love the lyrics and the sound of her skater boy song (or however its lamely spelt), but people can’t stand her scandle, so they won’t listen to her music, or more importantly, won’t admit to listening to it.

The same thing happened to Sailor Moon when i lived in ottawa, everyone made fun of every guy (and some girls) who ever watched it, though from what i’ve been told, everyone of those people, were ones who watched it…

This whole doing things due to peer pressure is stupid..

Now this whole blackballing any dixiechicks music because of the comments they freely made about the presidant is stupid, more importantly, it seems like a communist country.. you say something thats not acceptable by the whole, you are nearly shot (if they did, then it would be communism).

Its crap i tell you.

people are real stupid when it comes to peer pressure :(

Been trying out Day

Been trying out Day of the Tentacle again. Its kinda weird ’cause I am able to speed play the game. Like being able to grab the items without really ever having to look for them, or ask for hints from the different characters, I pretty just can finish it.. I think i’m still 2 or 3 hours in that game, but I guarantee it could be sped up to 1 hour.. less that that would be really hard.

Its an awesome game though, best of its time.. I’ve played it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, hence why I can finish it quickly.. It’s not as funny though.. Weird.. donno if its the time, the um.. material, etc.. I think its out grown me a bit.. Ah well.

Picked up this new program called Animator. Its like made in java, but for the first time EVER, it isn’t quite slow. Anyways, for the program itself, its not that um, intuitive, but it has all the options, and once you figure out a few of the small bits, it actually works great.. That’s how I made the little animate gif at the top of this entry.

A while ago, I started to question why people would ever watch The Man Show, it’s like very low brow humor, full of large breasted women doing nearly slutty things. I started to realize these past few weeks, that people watch it for many different reasons, I know some guys at school would like drool at all the girls and thier breasts, personally, its .. well not un-interesting, but I don’t care for them that much. But for me, its a chance to relax, watch something stupid, watch people being stupid, and really not care.. I donno, it could make me a bit dirty, but by the time someone actually gets to know me, they tend to realize that, i’m not clean minded, i’m jost not as comfortable about it as most people. I’ve grown up online, and if you’ve ever seen irc quote dbs, you can easily see how dirty things get, i’m used to it, learned to be that way a bit to fit in, but still not comfortable.
Yea, so I forgot my point, pretty much that its an interesting show no matter what your interests are. yea.. I guess thats it.

I still wish i had an idea of what i wanted to put in this journal/news/etc page. I think it might just be that, point out new programs i’ve found. review games, talk about development of programs I’m working on, etc.