My design is almost completly done. I’m going to be enabling the sidebar links as i finish (re)doing them. I still have a spot at the top of the page i’d like to put an image or something in. but i really can’t think of what i want there. My designs always look SOOO square. I defanatly need some help from some more experienced people to learn to change that…

Next up will be the computers page.

I do have to mention, I found this awsome utility to play some older games like Sam And Max.. Its called Scummvm. Its a virtual machine for the scumm based games, which is a very big chunk of the old lucasart games, such as Sam And Max, Monkey Island 1 and 2, Day of the tentical, and Full Throttle.

Its defanatly a cool program, been replaying so many of my games since I found it. Well someone actually mentioned it to me, but same thing…

First Post

Trying to see how this works as a journal..
yea, looks kinda cool, and a bit more freedom.. but i doubt i’ll ever leave livejournal, but its still cool.

*goes back to busy himself*